Aug. 15th, 2014

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Wednesday night, we had two medical calls. One in particular stood out.

Person was having SVT (supraventricular tachychardia) that wouldn't abate. For about 45 minutes, we tried just about everything we could; any one of the interventions should have stopped it in its tracks. Finally, literally at the ER door, the patient converted to a normal rhythm.

For me, it was mildly stressful, as this was my first time working on an ALS call in two decades. While I've worked with this medic before, I hadn't gotten the chance to learn his preferences.
At the same time, it was exciting, because there was a lot going on. The patient was very unquestionably sick. Not really the sickest of the sick, but still, very much in the woods. I always try to take something from every call, and this one was no slouch in that regard.

I got to do a 12 lead EKG in the field, which was a first. Got to see the patient get externally cardioverted (or at least attempted) which I hadn't seen done in ages. Tried to get a blood pressure, which is nigh impossible with SVTs (the heart is beating too damn fast to acquire it.) 

Nicely, both my patients that night were quite charming; both commented favourably on the hair, which brings a smile. The crew I worked with are ones I've worked with in the past, and we get along well together. Again, a nice thing. Surprisingly, the town EMS director was working at the hospital that night; it was nice seeing him there.

I got a decent amount of good comments on my participation in the call, which was good. I'm still unsettled for the fact that I'm still finding my groove, but people keep telling me I did fine.

Two calls took up 4 hours of a 6 hour shift. I barely had time to get through checking the truck's stores. Oy!

Tomorrow, A-EMT classes start. The book is 1500 pages, 8x11 inches. It's going to be about three chapters of reading per week. Yeouch! 

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