Aug. 18th, 2014

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Class started last Saturday. It's a reflection of how busy things are already getting that it's taken me two days to sit down and write about it.
Not really a lot to say, except that there was a fair amount of review of what I've learned in my initial EMT course and from con-ed classes over the past 20-odd years. The adage is that for every skill you learn beyond your basic certification, you forget a skill you learned for your basic certification, so it's worth reviewing those basic skills. The course will continue to review what I already know, but more in depth, and will add to everything I already know. So everything on trauma, geriatric and pediatric medicine, and so on. But to that will be added pharmacology and cardiology. It's going to be an intense 22 weeks.
In a few weeks, we've been told that we'll be learning to start IVs, and the 12 of us will be rolling up our sleeves for each other to practice. Not sure what I think about that. But it's necessary if I'm going to be able to do my clinical rotations, which include infusing medications into at least 25 patients.

Other than that...
Got some work done in the basement on some projects. Furniture being made, storage for stuff in the basement itself has been made and populated. Basement is becoming more useful as stuff finds more structured homes. There will still be some reorganization of things, but at least the weight of that millstone is being steadily lifted.

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