Sep. 7th, 2014

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Class has gotten slightly easier; last week's A&P quiz, in a word, sucked. In more words, it was the only quiz to date that was graded leniently: everyone got 10 points for free. Not surprising, as the chapter was hands-down the longest in the book. It probably didn't help that the depth of knowledge goes further than anything in our collective experience.
Yesterday, we had a "guest lecturer" as our instructor is in CA attending a wedding. "Guest" in quotes, because he's a paramedic with the department. A decent part of his lecture was about how to read the exam questions appropriately, so we're not reading too much, nor too little into the question.
We did airway and respiration, which continued to tie down principles we learned about metabolism in the physiology lecture. Everything does indeed come back to metabolism, acid/base balance, and so on. (Seriously, the attendant problems brought on by choking can be described as a simple acid/base imbalance that triggers a cascade which, left unchecked, results in a stable state.)

My duty shift was also last night, and my preceptor has been insisting I take the lead, soup to nuts, on a call. Coincidentally, the calls since he started chiming up about this have all been paramedic level, which put the kibosh on his plans. Last night, we finally got a BLS call where I could run the call from beginning to end.
This was the first time in decades since I've done so.
Fortunately, the call was fairly simple, with little more than to examine the patient, and bring the patient and a family member to the hospital. I got to practice, on a stress-free call, putting on a 4 lead EKG, did arguably the most thorough interview ever, and then deliver the report to the ER nurse. Pretty straightforward.
As an aside, I've been using the "Rite in the Rain" EMS notepads for my notetaking, but I'm thinking that when I run out, I might look for a different solution. They're good, but I'd prefer a different arrangement of prompts than the ones they offer -- something that follows my patient interview/report style.

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