Sep. 15th, 2014

c1: (Star of Life)
Saturday, class all day. Saturday night, on duty until midnight. Sunday morning, up at the crack of dawn for class all day. Sunday evening, go kayaking on the Ipswich river in Topsfield, because sanity. Monday, drink five cups of coffee, fall asleep at my desk with my eyes wide open just the same. Monday evening, nearly bite the head off my CAD instructor because I've had it up to here with Creo and with him. And y'know, short fuse because I'm completely out of spoons on just about every level.

All that being said, there were a few cool things:
Saturday, test #1 of 4. I got within five points of turning in the answer key. Bummer that I missed out on acing the exam by a measly five points, but I'm happy with the 95 just the same.
Began discussing cardiology. I've always been fascinated with congestive heart failure, because it's an incredibly multi-faceted/multi-layered disease. This made it even more so. There is an almost certain elegance to how the cardiac aspect ties back to acid/base balance, sodium/potassium pump, fluid balance, and the pulmonary system.
Saturday night, ran a call soup-to-nuts, including giving the patch to the hospital. Apart from writing the report (I've been writing a "dummy" report for each call as it is) and driving the ambulance, this is about it. Hopefully I'll be out of field training in the coming weeks.
To that end, I had a chat with the field training coordinator, and my future Saturday night shifts will be full 12-hour shifts, which should get me more calls (he says about three per night ought to be a good average). Realistically speaking, when I was working professionally, three 911 calls in a shift was a busy day; most of what I did was inter-facility transports. More actual hands-on patient contact, but a practically identical amount of "real" emergency work.
Sunday's class was a combination of EKG interpretation (of which there will be much more coming up) and tying that into cardiology fundamentals, doing in-class practicum with the 12 lead EKG machine, and hearing stories from the instructor about what happens to your partner when you smear nitroglycerine paste on the toilet seat. (Hint: hilarity ensues, your boss won't get the joke, but your classroom full of students will be on the floor in tears laughing.) Don't ever think EMS folks don't know how to have a good time. Also, how not to get fired for setting fire to the planters hanging outside the office. Yep. And here I was, thinking we were living on the edge by driving the ambulance backwards through the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru back in the day.
Sunday evening, kayaking. Got to see the shadow of a few river otters (past dusk) splashing in the water. Also got a picture of a heron earlier on and quite up-close.

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