Nov. 2nd, 2014


Nov. 2nd, 2014 09:10 pm
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Last night, we were making plans for dinner. I'd already eaten, so this wasn't of much interest to me. However, wanting to be a good spirit, I suggested "home baked" cookies from the supermarket. (Note, these would be the pre-packed cookies from the freezer section. Decent, but not my home-made cookies that take a lot more time.) 
Get back to the station, and fire up the stove. Cookies on the baking sheet, in the oven, three minutes in...
...and the tones drop.
Crap. Take them out, turn off the oven. Put on mask and cape, and go save the day.

Got back and fired up the oven. Left one of the other guys in charge while I had a discussion with the field training coordinator. (Things are going well, there are a few things left to deal with, and I'll be out of field training soon.)

Needless to say, he had one thing to do -- wait until they were golden brown, and then take them out. Thankfully, we didn't need to call the fire department, but they were only barely on this side of edible.


Plan next time is to make cookies *before* heading to the station; alternately, show up 20 minutes early to guarantee fresh baked goodness.

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