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Given the crap earning potential* at my current job, I came to the realization that it was probably time to fire my employer.** The planets must have been in alignment, because coincidentally, I'm in a really good position to do just that. This morning, I took a call on my cell at work from a local company with whom I'd interviewed recently; they extended me an offer, and I accepted.

Pay is significantly better. The commute is incredibly short. Potential for career advancement is much greater. The list of upsides is long. The one downside is that it's second shift, and incumbent on that is I may have to withdraw from school for the time being. (I'm going to speak with my instructors and find out if I can do self study and take the final, and get credit. I think at least one will extend that opportunity.) I'm perfectly fine with this.

Work today was mindlessly boring. My immediate boss is the one finding new work and writing quotes. I design tooling for the jobs he scores. So basically, if he's not finding anything, I'm sitting around, tasked with Trying To Look Busy. As anyone knows, that's often more exhausting than actually being busy. Today was no exception. Couple that with a nearly overwhelming sense of "what're you going to do... fire me?" and it's fairly obvious that I'd have done anything to get out of the office.

*Just how crap is earning potential? I'm making an hourly wage that I'd expect if I were the night manager at McDonald's. Talking with others that have been with the company for years, the best I can ever expect is basic annual cost of living raises, and no real advancement in position. How the company manages attrition is way beyond me, but if ever a critical mass of people got the bug in their ear that "hey, there are better ways to make a living out there" the company will be in deep trouble.

**I don't think enough people truly grasp this concept. You CAN fire your employer.
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