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Tired. This was a bit of a marathon weekend.

Saturday morning, get to class by 8, lecture until lunch, and then practical stations on IV medications and CPR until about 16.00 in the afternoon. Go home, eat dinner and gather my stuff: uniform and sleeping bag/etc. On duty from 18.00 until 06.00 Sunday morning. Did two calls all night; slept with moderate, but by no means unqualified success, from a little after midnight until 6.
Luck had it that the retaining ring that holds the diaphragm onto my stethoscope gave up the ghost after my second call. As in, the entire thing had become embrittled from time, and just broke spontaneously into small pieces with little force. (Will one week be enough time to order a replacement and have it delivered before my next shift?)
Go home, eat breakfast, clean myself up. (I did get to watch a little bit of Inglorious Basterds. I'll have to Netflix it to see the whole thing end-to-end, because counting on watching it without interruption at the station just isn't going to happen.)
8.00 Sunday morning go back to class. Lecture until lunchtime on endocrine disorders and toxicology. Afternoon practical sessions on cardiac arrest management, drawing medications from ampoules (glass, because epinephrine leaches through plastics), injection via IM, IV, and IO. (Intra Muscular, -Venous, -Osseous. The latter goes into the bone via the EZ-IO: a "battery drill" like device.) Where IO administration was once for people who were either severely unconscious or dead, IO is now approved for anyone, and has similar administration capabilities as a central line.
In the coming weeks, we will be doing practical stations on injections on each other before being set loose on hospital patients for our clinical rotations.

After all that, I'm wiped the heck out. Still on the to-do list: laundry, dinner, preparing lunch for the week, and emptying the dishwasher. As they say, "after ecstasy, the laundry."
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